Little Turkey Standings

Cheesehead & Young Cheesehead Split The Little Turkey
ZTrain and Big Turkey Split The Turd



Lord knows how many times we've heard groans and criticism over one Big Turkey pick or another.  For those of you that are truly hard core, and think you're so damn smart, we are once again proud to offer The Little Turkey, which is run by our affiliate, The Little Turkey. 

Our inaugural winner, Sky Blue Waters, ran away with the event in 2001, through painstaking, time-consuming, detailed analysis.  She took all underdogs.  In 2003, The Big Turkey actually won by using the official picks of The Big Turkey itself!!  The Little Turkey himself did something pretty special in 2004, and followed it up in 2005 by sharing the Turd with the legend herself, Careful Karen - laugh if you want, but C.K. has cashed 4 times in 11 years!  And props to Claudia and Beaker, who have both repeated as champs. In 2013, it was all new blood in the Winner's Circle with Moran and the Turd Pile with Mrs. Gumby and Wildez. In

Now let's see how good you really are.


The Little Turkey is a more traditional pool, where each participant picks all of the games played over Thanksgiving weekend.  For The Little Turkey, you need to send in your entry fee in advance - make checks payable, and send them to:

David Terry

4565 Bluebell Trail North

Medina, MN 55340




Pay With
PayPal account name is the e-mail address -

In 2014, we will be using a special, easy-to-do excel spreadsheet as the Little Turkey entry form.  You should have received your entry form as an attachment to the Little Turkey e-mail.  If you need an entry form, or need an alternative way to submit an entry, please contact The Little Turkey at

Here's the rules:
- $20 per entry, enter as many times as you wish.
- Preliminary point spreads for all games in The Little Turkey will be at the Little Turkey Game Results Page on Monday November 24, with preliminary point spreads for all the games we can get them for.
  The initial point spreads will also be included in the Entry Form. You can follow point spread changes at
- Pick the winner (against the spread) for college and professional football games between Thursday November 27 and Monday December 1.
- Entries must be submitted WITH PICKS FOR ALL GAMES prior to the first game on Thursday November 27.

- Winners, losers and results will be based on the LOCKED-IN point spread for each game as of approximately 9:00 AM each day (i.e. Thursday LOCKED-IN spreads obtained Thursday, Friday LOCKED-IN spreads obtained Friday, etc. ). The LOCKED-IN point spreads will be obtained from an independent website ( SUBSEQUENT CHANGES TO POINT SPREADS ARE IGNORED.  The LOCKED-IN point spreads will be posted on this page each morning.

- Most correct picks wins The Little Turkey - 75% of the total pool.  In the case of ties, the pot will be split among the co-winners.  In addition, of course, the winner of The Little Turkey gains the undying respect and admiration of all Turkeys everywhere.

-Least correct picks wins The Little Turd - 25% of the total pool.  In the case of ties, the pot will be split among the co-turds.

David Terry
4565 Bluebell Trail North
Medina, MN 55340

Hall of Fame

The Little Turkey

2001 - Sky Blue Waters

2002 - Mr. Roulette

2003 - The Big Turkey!

2004 - Grand Turkey & Martini
2005 - Claudia
2006 - Claudia

2007 - Beaker
2008 - Mrs. L.T./C.K./Beaker
2009 - Big Dog

2010 - Vegas
2011 - Hirsh
2012 - Henchman & Jayhawk

2013 - Moran
2014 - Cheesehead & Young C'head


The Little Turd

2001 - Careful Karen

2002 - Careful Karen

2003 - Mrs. Tuf
2004 - The Little Turkey
2005 - Careful Karen & The Little Turkey
2006 - Mr. Sky Blue

2007 - GarGoon

2008 - Barney
2009 - Beaker

2010 - Cheesehead and Mrs. Tuf (aka Mrs. 杜柏謙)
2011 - Ammon & Buster
2012 - Tuf

2013 - Wildez & Mrs. Gumby
2014 - Big Turky & ZTrain