Well, I have to admit - as much fun as I have had with the Big Turkey, I was starting to wonder how much longer it would go on.

I hadn't really come to any decisions, but I was giving a lot of thought to this - The 30th Big Turkey - being the last one.  Seemed like a nice round number.

And then it came - in late October.  A sure sign from the Gambling Gods.

Trigger Spinutto - I mean the REAL Trigger Spinutto - vanished into thin air.  His wagering website ceased to exist, leaving many of us sportsmen with no means to satisfy our gambling needs.

Many of the Turkeys were Trigger's customers.  All of us have sat and waited - waited for a sign, a new website, a call.... (and let me tell you, in these circumstances, none of us are about to call Trigger).  But it's nearly a month now - and apparently the website, Trigger's thriving business, and/or Trigger himself - have met their permanent, untimely demise.

Sure, there are alternatives out there - and they're easy to find, if you want to place a few hundred bucks in bets over a weekend.  But the Big Turkey - well, that's in a different league.  In 2012, total wagers for our event were just a shade under $25,000.  And we're just not ready to head down that road with strangers!!

Here are a few "over the years" factoids:

We will keep the website up this year to feature the history of the event - hope you still enjoy.  And Big Turkey's Facebook page is there as well, hopefully to be put to some use.

So - is this it?  I don't know, probably.  We ARE going to offer a Little Turkey event this year, and see if there is much interest.  After that, we'll just have to see.  In the meantime, I will find out if I can adjust to a relatively "normal" Thanksgiving weekend for the first time since the early 80s.

I hope you will all stay in touch - and will have good memories of The Big Turkey.

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